Jerry The Man

Limited Free Mint

Each Jerry is unique! Find the rarest ones among 3333 possible combinations.

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    50% – Common
  • 22222 монтажная область 1
    20% – Rare
  • 33333 монтажная область 1
    5% – Legendary
  • 44444 монтажная область 1
    1% – Extra Rare
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“After months of perfecting the art for my NFT project, we have come to the conclusion that putting too much thought into a creation isn't productive, and as a measure of relief, it should be put away for a few months as the creative process advances on its' altering path. Within a short period of time, we created a new collection of comic artworks that make us die of laughter.

With Jerry The Man we want to make an exemplary NFT project by staying true to our ideas.

One of the goals of Jerry The Man and our future projects is to do extensive charity work and try to make a difference in the life of someone in need.

We will make sure Jerry The Man holders stay at the top of our VIP list as The Founder Crew by providing major utility and granting Top Tier Access to all of our virtual and real-time events.

The future of Web3 is bright with our work and community!”



  • 1

    3333 Unique Jerries

    Artworks are uploaded to the Solana blockchain. All systems are tested.

    7777 монтажная область 1
  • 2


    Our marketing campaign begins its' mission alongside our website, youtube channel, social media profiles, nft calendars, and collaborations.

    5555 монтажная область 1
  • 3


    The first 500 minters are eligible for the free mint.

    6666 монтажная область 1
  • 4

    Minecraft Server

    Our private Minecraft server will open its' doors for holders! Let's have some fun!

    Each holder is entitled to a piece of land that he/she is free to establish.

    The top 100 rarest Jerries will get special respect and various in-game benefits.

  • 5


    The Pre-Sale will take place with 1,500 Jerries each sold at 0,3 SOL.

    4444 монтажная область 1
  • 6

    Jerry's Merchandise Store

    We will open a store where you will be able to order your Jerry on any piece of merchandise.

  • 7

    Public Sale

    The Public Sale will take place with the rest of Jerries each sold at 0,6 SOL.

    101010 монтажная область 1
  • 8


    We will donate 10% of our net profit to an organization chosen by our community.  

    9999 монтажная область 1
  • 9

    Exclusive Party

    We will host a private party for our dear community who helped us achieve our goals!

    2222 монтажная область 1
  • 10

    To Be Continued...

    Our team will launch a new project featuring a new unique utility. All Jerry holders will be eligible for a FREE MINT and full utility of upcoming projects.

    1111 монтажная область 1


  • 3333 Unique Jerries

    Each Jerry is a collectible life time pass to our exclusive events and community of entrepreneurs, Web3 developers, crypto enthusiasts and artists.
  • Minecraft Server

    A private Minecraft server will be hosted for holders of our community. Let's have some fun!
  • Charity

    One of the goals of Malina is to do massive charity work with our projects and support good causes such as humanitarian & educational aid to people in need and protection of endangered species. A specific cause / organization has not been announced since no marketing campaign should benefit from a real time crysis. At least 10% of each NFT sale will be donated to an organization chosen by the community.
  • Founder Crew

    Founder Crew will get top benefits and utility from our current and future projects. You can sell your Jerry on a secondary market or hold to enjoy unique benefits and contribute towards making our world a little bit better.


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